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Bristol gardens and grill


Home of the Pork Bite! 

Bristol Gardens and Grill began with a desire to bring a fresh, affordable dining option to our

hometown. Through building long-lasting relationships with the community, we’ve created a

brand we’re proud of. Our property is ever-changing and evolving to fit your needs. Locally

sourced fresh pork, beef, chicken and more are slow-smoked on site in our homemade pits. Our

restored greenhouses on the property, formally used for flowers and decorative plants from

previous businesses, now provide the perfect spot to grow fresh produce and herbs. We are

proud to use these in our homemade menu items, enabling our guests the freshest taste around.

Come enjoy the deli, picnic table patio, or dine in our greenhouse that has been converted into a

full dining room that can seat around 50 guests. We offer easy call ahead or walk-in takeout

service and are fully equipped to handle your catering needs. We work with your group to

provide a menu and price to fit your budget. BGG is proud to be operating in Bristol where we

can give back to our community and provide you with the taste and freshness you deserve.

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